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The Nonprofit Organization Children of Adam

The nonprofit organization Children of Adam was founded by two sisters Robina Hameed Qureshi and Kausar Qureshi and their adoptive maternal uncle Abrar Khan’s wife, Humera Naz. They have hosted several events in Karachi Pakistan and are working with women, children, and men living below the poverty level. As well as every year during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar (Ramadan) they host dinner events for Muslims and None Muslims who are desperately in need of a meal. They do it selflessly just to put a smile on individuals living below the poverty level. These people are the best at showing gratitude since they take every meal as a blessing and lives with the abundance mindset. They know and have faith that they will be provided for by the higher power of the universe the quantum field and energy of love, light, and peace will find a way to provide for them. Thus, they are the only people who are willing to say ma’am I am totally grateful for the food when they get provided for. Seeing one child smile is priceless since children are little angels and gifts for their parents and families. Therefore, every child should be given a chance to live their desired lives regardless of their gender, or if they are differently abled or not, and their families religious backgrounds.

The founder Robina Hameed Qureshi is my mother and my life’s biggest inspiration. She has taught me the dos and don’ts of life through her own personal experiences and limiting beliefs about life. All I want tell her and her sister is that you have raised us all well, thank for waking up at nights and feeding us when we all were little and needed you. I am grateful for all you have done for me mom. Now my dream is to watch you live your life for yourself and nobody else. You do not owe anyone thing in life and neither did you owe anything to anyone before. Love you all so much.


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