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Pre-conception to Birth

The physical manifestation of our life starts way before anything and this is the only time we are tied to anyone in our lives, that is our mothers. The 3 stages of prenatal development are the most beautiful stages of human life, the Germinal Stage, the Embryonic Stage, and the Fetal Stage. The Germinal Stage is the first two weeks of human life. This is from the period to the conception to implantation of the dividing egg cells. The implanted the embryo receives nourishment from the mother through the developing umbilical cord from the placenta that is attached to the mother. The outer cover the baby is in is called the amniotic sac.

The Embryonic Stage starts at the 3rd week and lasts until the 8th week of gestation. This is when the major organs start forming, and the size of the embryo is about one inch long. The heart cells are beating at this point. Arms, legs, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth start to form during the 4th week of gestation. The 8th week of gestation is when the embryo starts resembling a human with noticeable facial features. The kidneys and liver start forming during this time and the embryos weigh 1/30 of an ounce. Dangers that can lead to a miscarriage or a birth defect during this time are teratogens, viruses, drugs, radiation, etc.

The Fetal Stage starts from the last month of the first trimester and lasts until the birth of the baby. All the major organ systems, fingers, and toes are formed around this time. The 12th week of gestation is when through the ultrasound scanning the eyes and the biological sex of the fetus can be determined. At the end of the second-trimester fetus can open and close his or her eyes. One of the cutest things starts during this time and that is thumb sucking. The fetus also starts sleeping and waking up during this time of gestation. The most beautiful thing happens during this time the fetus starts to hear his or her mother’s voice and can respond to light.

Close to birth at the end of the third trimester, the heart and lungs are increasingly able to sustain life and the survival rate of the baby is 50% if born at this time. The baby gains the most weight and doubles in size during this time. Most babies turn upside-down in the uterus during the 7-month, and if born at this time the survival rate is about 90%. The baby starts moving around 5 – 6 months of gestation. The baby turns, squirms, and starts kicking during this time which can be felt by the mother in the 4th month. The bigger the baby is in size the restricted it becomes in the womb since is not that big and this also predicts the level of activity after birth.

Thus, this is the most beautiful time in human life. Many children and adolescence tend to argue with their mothers when she is just trying to protect them. If they were to give a logical explanation to their mother she would listen most likely. Our mothers have gone through a lot to bring us here and when she feels we are in danger she can turn into a monster. She sometimes makes irrational decisions for us thinking she is protecting us not realizing that one day she will not be with us physically. Then what will we do in our lives? My mom had a stroke a year and a half ago. I am just glad she is still alive and that I can still hear her voice. Thank you, mom, for always being there for me and loving me. Our spiritual journey starts way before we even know it in our lives.


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