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The Ancient Art of Love from The Indian Subcontinent, The Kama Sutra

<3 Become one with your partner do not just see them as a different person but see them like a mirror reflection of yourself. Love your partner as if you are loving yourself only then you can be receptive of love, but to do all of this you have to learn to love yourself first. Practice being grounded through grounding, meditation, and or yoga before anything else in your life. Open yourself up to receiving the love which you are born for and which is part of everyone’s birthrights. Thus, believe in yourself that you are worthy of love only then you can receive it. Women have the power to control sex and not the other way around. It should be mandatory in the university curriculum for everyone from all over the world to take “intimacy relationships and commitments in psychology” and or “human sexuality in psychology”. I took “intimacy relationships and commitments in psychology” in my early 20s and loved it. I learned so much from that class about how to have sex the right way which involves a committed partner and if you do not have a committed partner you have a chance of contracting Sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Also, I wanted to sign up for “human sexuality in psychology” in my final university semester to learn this on a deeper level just I did not get the opportunity to do that. Thus, let’s make SEX Ed mandatory all over the world. SEX Ed is actually an ancient Art of Love that actually came out of the Indian Subcontinent in the form of the book of the Kama Sutra. Thus, stop treating the topic of sex as a taboo since we all should have awareness of the pros and cons of sex. Plus honestly, none of us would have been here if it wasn’t for sex. <3


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Welcome to Alia Khan’s life and professional coaching and mentoring page. A 37-year-old woman who is working on her undergraduate degree in Psychology with a Business Management minor as well as now she is a certified life coach, with a mission to inspire individuals with a language learning disability (LLD) and who is associated with someone who has a language learning disability (LLD) be the best they can be. Even those dealing with a low self-esteem level and low self-confidence level. I can speak from personal experience since I have LLD. I have suffered from it my whole life not knowing why I couldn't read and write. Thus, my family and relatives always thought I was bad, rude, and making excuses not understanding that my neuro pathways work slightly different from the average brain as well as my brain is wired slightly differently due to hypoxia. This simply just means I did not get enough oxygen to my brain during my birth, which is no one's fault. Thus, the left side of my brain has brain damage. Ones I learned what my learning style was I actually gained a level of self-confidence. Plus, in my native culture, they have no awareness of how dyslexia affects an individual. I don't blame them for bullying me I blame their lack of awareness of neuropsychology. I dedicate my coaching business to my mom's teachings she has always helped and taught people to be better individuals. I owe my education to her since she encouraged me to aim for the sky and not settle for less. I help individuals with language learning disabilities (LLD) gain high self-esteem and confidence level, and professional coaching. The followers and clients will get free resources and videos every week as well as motivational affirmations. Thank you all so much for liking my Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/UniversalJourneyAcademyLLC/ you can even contact me on my business line on WhatsApp: 1-818-213-1358 if you need immediate support.