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Sleep Paralysis

My experience with sleep paralysis has been very scary and shocking. In 2008 my family was going through a hard time my dad had cheated on my mother. He went and married someone my age who’s maternal uncle, family, and herself was just greedy for my dad’s money. Before she married my dad, he had a party at his house and his’ wife’s maternal uncle came with his wife and mistress to the party who saw that my dad is rich old man. After that he called his sister in Syria and told her that I found a rich old man who claims he is divorced. He convinced his sister to tell her daughter to marry my dad. During that time I had a paranormal awakening where I experienced many paranormal things in my house. The one thing I experienced during this time was that one night when I was sleeping in my mom’s room and in the middle of the night all of the sudden I felt like someone was on top of me breathing on to my face. Thus, I all of the sudden woke up when I opened up my eyes I saw this spirit looking right at me. My body had freshen I could not even move and I was in shock. When I think about this I still can feel the spirit looking right into my eyes and gives me the chills. She had blood red eyes, grey hair, and wrinkly paled skin. Her face was literally less then one inch away from my face. I do not know if I was just seeing things or it was actually a real spirit looking right into my eyes. Regardless, what it was I still get the chills just talking about it. I can still feel it in my body and soul every time I tell someone about this freaky experience of mine.


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