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Being Child-Like VS Being Childish

It does not cost a million of dollars to be Happy. Happiness comes from within our HEARTS and SOULS. All it takes is embracing your inner child and loving yourself. We all have a child within ourselves who we sometimes lock down in a corner of our heart. Periodically, that child finds its way to send out a message or two through an open window that we have left open for our inner child to breath from. This world tells us we can’t have fun and confuses being “child-like” with being “childish”. Thus, it is actually okay to have FUN no ONE is stoping us since we have the POWER to CONTROL our ACTIONS. We have to give ourselves permission to have FUN and allow ourselves to ENJOY our lives.

I have finally learned that I have the POWER to CONTROL my OWN ACTIONS. NOBODY has the POWER OVER ME ONLY I DO. My grandmother sent me this picture of her siblings which to me was the epitome of being Child-Like to me and very Pivotal for me to see in order for me to understand the different between being “Child-Like” and being “Childish”. It is completely okay to have FUN and I give myself full permission from NOW ON to have FUN and ENJOY LIFE to its fullest potential.

my great uncles

The one holding the bucket I nick named him Tarzan since he is the skinniest man I have ever met but yet the strongest ever. He is the funnest and silliest man I know. Thus, he is very Child-Like which is completely okay nothing wrong with that. He is ALLOWED to have all the FUN he wants to have in his life. It is his birthright to ENJOY his life however he wants. In fact, NOT just his but one of everyone’s very basic human right is to be allowed to have FUN. We need to be able to ALLOW ourselves to have FUN.


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