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Dreams Do Come True

Letter to God,

This movie made me cry since I could relate to this movie emotionally. Emotionally, I feel tied down and like others are controlling my life. I wish I had the power to fly freely to explore the world. I wish to attend Grad School and protect every women and child out there. I also dream of getting married to someone special who will always adore me and cherish me for who I am without trying to change me. I have also been through Domestic Violence in my life on the emotional and physical level by my family members.

My dad told me that “you are a piece of shit, your education is a piece of shit, you only deserve to me a prostitute, fucked by 10 men, rapped, murdered, and go have kids with a black man” which is the most painful thing for any female to hear from her father. My brother also hit me and pushed me after that I had bruises on the left side of my body on my upper hip which as an elder sister really hurt my feelings. The bruises are gone now from my body but the spirit of those bruises are still on my soul.

My grandmother spoiled my father by not teaching him how to respect women and my mother spoiled my brother by brainwashing him and turning him against me in our childhood. Both these men are NOT to be blamed for what they have done to me but their mothers are to be blamed for NOT teaching them any better. I know that I am going to end up homeless in a few months but I do NOT blame anyone since it is my destiny to be put on the streets.

Everyone has to struggle in order to achieve their dreams and I know that I have to struggle as well in my life. If I give in to allowing people control me then I will never be able to achieve my dreams but if I stand up and say NO I have the right to dream and achieve my dreams too. Only then I will be able to one day achieve my dreams in my life sooner or later. I know God or the Quantum Field will find a way to help me achieve my dreams and goals in my life.


Alia Khan

Published by Universal Journey Academy

Welcome to Alia Khan’s life and professional coaching and mentoring page. A 37-year-old woman who is working on her undergraduate degree in Psychology with a Business Management minor as well as now she is a certified life coach, with a mission to inspire individuals with a language learning disability (LLD) and who is associated with someone who has a language learning disability (LLD) be the best they can be. Even those dealing with a low self-esteem level and low self-confidence level. I can speak from personal experience since I have LLD. I have suffered from it my whole life not knowing why I couldn't read and write. Thus, my family and relatives always thought I was bad, rude, and making excuses not understanding that my neuro pathways work slightly different from the average brain as well as my brain is wired slightly differently due to hypoxia. This simply just means I did not get enough oxygen to my brain during my birth, which is no one's fault. Thus, the left side of my brain has brain damage. Ones I learned what my learning style was I actually gained a level of self-confidence. Plus, in my native culture, they have no awareness of how dyslexia affects an individual. I don't blame them for bullying me I blame their lack of awareness of neuropsychology. I dedicate my coaching business to my mom's teachings she has always helped and taught people to be better individuals. I owe my education to her since she encouraged me to aim for the sky and not settle for less. I help individuals with language learning disabilities (LLD) gain high self-esteem and confidence level, and professional coaching. The followers and clients will get free resources and videos every week as well as motivational affirmations. Thank you all so much for liking my Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/UniversalJourneyAcademyLLC/ you can even contact me on my business line on WhatsApp: 1-818-213-1358 if you need immediate support.