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Verbally Harassed

Recently, few like a month or two ago one of my mother’s cousins started stalking me on facebook. Then randomly he decided to call me like 6 or 7 times. After, that finally when I responded to his call he verbally harassed me. He inappropriately said hey you are always angry because you are single. Why don’t you get married or do you already have a boyfriend? my respond was like who the hell are you to ask me that question?? and then he was like oh why don’t you marry me I will give you a back massage and foot massage. When he said that to me I was like WTF do you not have a sister or a mother at your home?? how would you feel if someone said that to your mother or one of your sisters?? and then I was like why don’t you say it again. After, I said that he said oh you liked it so much?? and I was like yes you say it again and I will record you and report you to Karachi Police Department for verbal harassment. When I said that he was like what wrong did I say?? and I was like WTF you don’t think that what you said to me was wrong?? and then he said NO. After that I cursed at him like a mad woman and told him just mock my words if you even think of making me look bad in the family I will destroy you and you have no idea what I am capable of doing to people who verbally, psychologically, physically, and emotionally abuse. harass, assault, and rape women. Them I just can’t stand those men OMG I have no words how much I HATE such MAN.

BUT, luckily after that recently I told my mother and she actually for ones believed me that I wasn’t wrong. She also told me I am proud of you that you said that to him and got rid of him since he is useless. I am just glad for ones my mother supported me in my life. This cousin of my mother is nearly 50 years old and he acts like he is so kool or all that. He is an old perverted him who just needs to get a life. I am just really angry that why am I still allowing this to get to my head. I cry when I go through even verbally harassment but then I get up and tell myself why should I play the victim card here. Most of my mom’s cousins from her all her maternal aunts’ sides are just OMG I have no words like bad and they also think they are all that. PLUS, none of them are worth my time but I guess I am just writing this blog in order to get this out of my system and release on the negative energy I am HOLDING on too.

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