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Hypocrisy Pro-Max

Every family has hypocrites who pretend to be pious and in my relatives I know who they are. My youngest aunt who claims to be my mother’s well wisher and claims that she fears ALLAH is the biggest hypocrite in all of my relatives. She told everyone that my eldest aunt could NOT be around my nani since she goes out to work and also due to the fact that she has had COVID. NOW when my youngest aunt went on a family trip to Turkey with her family she came back with COVID and that was the reason why my 81 year old nani ended up with COVID. NOW me and my nani, we have many disagreements since she is from a different generation that was born during the time of British Raj in Lucknow India. THUS, obviously we are from two different countries. I am from Denmark and my nani is from India. This is why we do not agree with each other BUT trust me if anyone tries to be the reason behind my nani getting hurt then I would consider them as my biggest enemy since she has always loved me more than my mother. IF anything my mother hates me and she has proven that by NOT accepting me for who I am. As well as, in my childhood she used to compare me to my cousin Rima by telling me how good Rima is and how horrible I am. Then later on comparing me to my cousin Ayat who is let me make it clear to you like 10 years younger than me. THUS, it is ridiculous to compare me to someone that much younger than me. Also, now ever since my brother got married she has been telling me how horrible I am and hows good my sister in law is as a person. NOW, my only question is that yes my sister in law might be a good person but does that mean that I am a horrible person?? I am a different person and she is a different person. THUS, we both should be given equal love and respect as individuals. According to my mother, I give her pain before birth and after birth which makes me wonder sometimes does that mean I should have never even born?? BUT, my nani on the other hand has never made me feel like a worthless piece of SHIT. As well as, she has always loved me very dearly NOW if my youngest aunt does NOT know that if she has COVID she should stay away from my nani until she is COVID free. THEN she just is lying about loving her mother and is being a hypocrite. Since, if my eldest aunt was NOT allowed to be near my nani after she had COVID then neither should my youngest aunt be ALLOWED to be NEAR my nani. NOW all I have to say is that there are ONLY two people in this whole wide world who truly loves me and they are BOTH my grandmothers. I LOVE YOU BOTH NANI AND DADI. :'( <3

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Welcome to Alia Khan’s life and professional coaching and mentoring page. A 37-year-old woman who is working on her undergraduate degree in Psychology with a Business Management minor as well as now she is a certified life coach, with a mission to inspire individuals with a language learning disability (LLD) and who is associated with someone who has a language learning disability (LLD) be the best they can be. Even those dealing with a low self-esteem level and low self-confidence level. I can speak from personal experience since I have LLD. I have suffered from it my whole life not knowing why I couldn't read and write. Thus, my family and relatives always thought I was bad, rude, and making excuses not understanding that my neuro pathways work slightly different from the average brain as well as my brain is wired slightly differently due to hypoxia. This simply just means I did not get enough oxygen to my brain during my birth, which is no one's fault. Thus, the left side of my brain has brain damage. Ones I learned what my learning style was I actually gained a level of self-confidence. Plus, in my native culture, they have no awareness of how dyslexia affects an individual. I don't blame them for bullying me I blame their lack of awareness of neuropsychology. I dedicate my coaching business to my mom's teachings she has always helped and taught people to be better individuals. I owe my education to her since she encouraged me to aim for the sky and not settle for less. I help individuals with language learning disabilities (LLD) gain high self-esteem and confidence level, and professional coaching. The followers and clients will get free resources and videos every week as well as motivational affirmations. Thank you all so much for liking my Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/UniversalJourneyAcademyLLC/ you can even contact me on my business line on WhatsApp: 1-818-213-1358 if you need immediate support.