Iqra Bi Isme Rabi Ka

I was BORN in the Islamic Faith and I will die in the Islamic Faith InShaaALLAH and I am proud of the Faith that has Scientific Evidences as a way to back it up and NOT some Lame Nonsensical made up myths 😜 ❤

The Importance of Education in Islam

True Islam is about educating ourselves since Iqra Bi Isme Rabi Ka which was the very first verse ever revealed to the Prophet Islam means Read in the Name of your Lord. Also, when I don’t spare the hypocrisy of Muslims what makes you think I will spare the ridiculous hypocrisy of Pagans. Sorry for sounding like I am ridiculing anyone’s religion BUT I am NOT. The ONLY thing I am ridiculing is hypocrisy and creating falsies about any religion for that matter. Also, Iqra Bi Isme Rabi Ka is what Angel Jibrael said to the Prophet of Islam when he wanted him to learn the Quran in the Cave of Hira 🙂 ❤

Thus, more than blindly saying a prayer in Arabic 5 times a day I believe in learning new things and spreading intellectual knowledge to people about the world and less about any religion.

I have recently heard two of the most bizarre reasons behind why people from the Islamic background don’t eat the Pork by Non-Muslim Pagans. First, the reason was that Muslims worship the Pig which is obviously NOT true since Islam is a monotheistic faith. Thus, in Islam, we ONLY worship one God and not any animals like Elephants, Monkeys, and Cows. 2nd reason was that a long time ago a Muslim was trying to cut a Pig to eat and it run away so we run away from the Pig. I mean come on really that is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard a Non-Muslim Pagan tell me.

The true reason why we don’t eat the Pork is solely due to one reason and that reason is actually scientific. The pig eats its own waste. Therefore, it can have worms developing within it, and if we humans eat that it can be hazardous to our health. Plus, if those worms get inside our systems can lead us to develop illnesses such as ringworm and other illnesses where we get worms growing in our bodies. Thus, eat healthily and live healthy NOT due to the fact that religion is telling you to BUT due to the fact that if you LOVE yourself you will take care of yourself. I don’t believe in religion BUT I do believe in Scientistic Pieces of Evidence despite the fact that my forefathers were Pagan before converting to Islam.

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