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Saint Mary of Magdalene

She was the first to see Jesus get raised up to Heaven from this EARTH according to the Catholic Faith. I grow up as a Muslim BUT I do BELIEVE in the OLD and NEW TESTAMENT which means the Torah and the Bible. THUS, I do like to READ everything I come a cross inContinue reading “Saint Mary of Magdalene”

UpDate June 9th, 2021

The covid season is finally OVER BUT NOW I have been Oppressed for so long by my brother that I am almost addicted to oppression and repression I finally have to re-start up my self-care route and improve my health and manifest new wealth ;-* as well as start dating soon just I have NOTContinue reading “UpDate June 9th, 2021”

First World Problems VS Third World Problems

What is a first world problem? a first world problem is the WIFI not working. What is a third world problem? a third world problem is not having proper food, medical care, clothing, and education. In my case, even though I am living in a first world my family is still verbally abusing me asContinue reading “First World Problems VS Third World Problems”

elasticity and consumer choice theories

The elasticity and consumer choice theories do apply to the current coronavirus-impacted market for products. During this pandemic many people have lost their jobs thus income elasticity has been a major impact on people’s lives. Some people have not been able to afford medications which are hurting them badly due to the price elastic and/orContinue reading “elasticity and consumer choice theories”

Toilet Paper Sales During Covid 19

The toilet paper consumers and producers have been impacted heavily during the Covid19 pandemic and the lockdown. The stores are all mostly out of toilet papers since people are unnecessarily hoarding toilet papers. Thus, the demand for toilet has gone up way more than ever before. This type of behavior has to stop soon sinceContinue reading “Toilet Paper Sales During Covid 19”

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