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Education These Days

Keep in mind back in the days it was books and these days it is Internet, Google, Wikipedia, Microsoft Office, and DEFINITELY NOT COPY AND PASTE 🙁 since then we would have gotten expelled from our University for plagiarizing in our work ;P please STOP EXAGGERATING to your MAXIMUM CAPACITY 😉 <3

elasticity and consumer choice theories

The elasticity and consumer choice theories do apply to the current coronavirus-impacted market for products. During this pandemic many people have lost their jobs thus income elasticity has been a major impact on people’s lives. Some people have not been able to afford medications which are hurting them badly due to the price elastic and/orContinue reading “elasticity and consumer choice theories”

Toilet Paper Sales During Covid 19

The toilet paper consumers and producers have been impacted heavily during the Covid19 pandemic and the lockdown. The stores are all mostly out of toilet papers since people are unnecessarily hoarding toilet papers. Thus, the demand for toilet has gone up way more than ever before. This type of behavior has to stop soon sinceContinue reading “Toilet Paper Sales During Covid 19”


The life of Siddhartha also known as Buddha for my understanding was very impressive. Every life starts out with love and ends out with love as Hermann Hesse mentioned in Siddhartha. Siddhartha was a humble down to earth man who felt the pain of others associated with him and even those not associated with him.Continue reading “Siddhartha”

Tutoring Philosophy

I always start a tutoring “contract” with the students I’m tutoring where they choose the goal instead of me being the one deciding.  This ensures the student is invested in his or her own learning.  I don’t want it to be about my goal for the student but the student’s goal for him or herself.Continue reading “Tutoring Philosophy”

My Resume

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Knowledge of how to communicate with individuals and motivate others Ability to work under pressure and make complex decisions Collaborate well with teammates and able to lead others Skilled at Conflict Resolution, Time Management, Adaptability, and Creativity Background in customer service, with good organizational and clerical skills Computer skills, including Word, PowerPoint,Continue reading “My Resume”

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