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The Ancient Art of Love from The Indian Subcontinent, The Kama Sutra

<3 Become one with your partner do not just see them as a different person but see them like a mirror reflection of yourself. Love your partner as if you are loving yourself only then you can be receptive of love, but to do all of this you have to learn to love yourself first.Continue reading “The Ancient Art of Love from The Indian Subcontinent, The Kama Sutra”

Reasons Why Someone Struggles With SELF-LOVE

Reasons, why you may struggle with self-love and self-worth, is that you may be an empath but it is time to up-level yourself and do inner work. Thus, it is time to get a hold of me soon is I have extended the free consultation sessions until April 30th so contact me while you haveContinue reading “Reasons Why Someone Struggles With SELF-LOVE”

Pre-conception to Birth

The physical manifestation of our life starts way before anything and this is the only time we are tied to anyone in our lives, that is our mothers. The 3 stages of prenatal development are the most beautiful stages of human life, the Germinal Stage, the Embryonic Stage, and the Fetal Stage. The Germinal StageContinue reading “Pre-conception to Birth”

Evolving Your Spirit With Self Love

February Month of Love Steps to Self Love: take a nice warm bath tell yourself “I love you”. treat yourself on Valentine’s Day create a ritual you will carry on take yourself out on a date (girls night out) gift yourself something you expect your significant other to gift you

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry from the British royal family is willing to leave the Royal Family, leave his title, his royal money, move to another country (Canada), and live completely independent of royal reign to keep his wife Meghan from being treated as an outcast. Get yourself a man who isn’t scared to PROTECT your POSITION fromContinue reading “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle”

The Nonprofit Organization Children of Adam

The nonprofit organization Children of Adam was founded by two sisters Robina Hameed Qureshi and Kausar Qureshi and their adoptive maternal uncle Abrar Khan’s wife, Humera Naz. They have hosted several events in Karachi Pakistan and are working with women, children, and men living below the poverty level. As well as every year during theContinue reading “The Nonprofit Organization Children of Adam”

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