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Christmas Special : Jesus in Islam — Stars in Symmetry

I think it is a fact that Christians (or non-Muslims in general) misunderstood that us Muslims hated and disbelieved Jesus Christ. It is disheartening to see sometimes in my Facebook feed or in my Youtube recommendations that these nonsense about us despising Christ, especially around this time, that I am now compelled to do a […]

Christmas Special : Jesus in Islam — Stars in Symmetry

UpDate June 9th, 2021

The covid season is finally OVER BUT NOW I have been Oppressed for so long by my brother that I am almost addicted to oppression and repression I finally have to re-start up my self-care route and improve my health and manifest new wealth ;-* as well as start dating soon just I have NOT been in action for so long that I almost don’t even remember what action is like :'( BUT I am posting this blog to have my followers remind of getting up and getting my SHIT together and start living my life again 😉 ;-* <3


Living with Oppressors

Going through oppression has taught me how to just not say anything and ignore people. Yesterday when my brother came home in the evening he saw a plate laying out in the kitchen and yelled at me. He said you are going back to leaving your plates outside and leaving a mess outside. As well as, that no one in this house is my maid and I just looked at him. I was like that is not my plate then he was like who’s is it then and I was like it is mom’s plate but don’t worry I will clean it. After that, he was like well then should I tell mom to come and clean it when you know she can’t since she is paralyzed?? And I was like obviously, she can’t do it don’t worry I will do it. He was like do it right away as soon as you see a plate in the kitchen. Now, my question is he says he is NOT my maid then how can expect me to clean his dirty dishes?? does that mean I am his maid?? or is it just his way of oppressing me?? He has hit me a while back where I had bruises on the left side of my body.

His wife and he wants to move out of this house since they claim that I interfere in their lives. Even though the truth is that I am not allowed to travel by Uber/ Lyft and see my friends. As well as, I am not allowed to go outside and get a job since they claim that if I go outside I will bring home Covid even though ironically they are the ones who go out every evening. I just do NOT want to speak up and say anything since then my brother will hit me again and his wife will find reasons to tell me that I am treating her like my maid or whatever nonsense. Thus, I created this blogpost to speak about my feelings and emotions. As well as, inspire other women who are going through the same to not commit suicide since suicide is never the solution to oppression. Therefore, I believe that I can help you overcome domestic violence since I have gone through it with my brother being the oppressor as well as my dad verbally assaulting me which is another story for another day.


Alia Khan


First World Problems VS Third World Problems

What is a first world problem? a first world problem is the WIFI not working.

What is a third world problem? a third world problem is not having proper food, medical care, clothing, and education.

In my case, even though I am living in a first world my family is still verbally abusing me as if I am living in a third world. I appreciate every meal since I don’t have the security of having a 2nd meal since my brother says that he wants me out of this house. I am not allowed to go to see my doctor since my brother rather have me die. He thinks if I go to the doctor I will get COVID even though he himself goes to the doctor for his daughter’s check up. I really appreciate that at least I have proper clothing since with my family I never know when they would take my clothes away from me. I had to fight for my education since my dad told me my education is a piece of shit, and that I am a piece of shit, he also said I only deserve to be raped killed murder assaulted and gang raped and that I only deserve to go have kids with a black man. NOW, I sometimes ponder upon my situation if I am living in a first world or a third world.

I wish I could tell him that what he is doing to me that I wish it upon his daughter but then what would be the difference between him and me?? if I am equally dropping to his level and being just as crude as him. I am just glad that his daughter has a better mother then mine and I know if he tries to hurt his daughter his wife will stand up and show him the door.

A guy who can treat his mother and sister like trash can treat anyone like trash even his wife and daughter. I sometimes when sitting in my room can hear him yelling and cursing at his wife. As well as, I have heard her tell him don’t talk to me that rudely. This clearly shows that I am right if a man can abuse his mother and sister he can even abuse his wife and daughter. God bless his wife and daughter, I almost wanna tell his wife “I told you so” don’t marry him. I had asked her before they got married you are so amazing what did you see in him?? and she at that time told me he is nice. I just thought that was funny and had laughed secretly since I grew up with him. Thus, I know him much better than anyone else can know him. Ironically, even my step mother had told me I wish I had asked you before I married your dad since I would have never married your dad if I had known about how verbally abusive he is as a person.


Education These Days

My Youngest Brother’s Opinion About My Education

Keep in mind back in the days it was books and these days it is Internet, Google, Wikipedia, Microsoft Office, and DEFINITELY NOT COPY AND PASTE 🙁 since then we would have gotten expelled from our University for plagiarizing in our work ;P please STOP EXAGGERATING to your MAXIMUM CAPACITY 😉 <3


Rose Quartz Crystal – Healing Properties, Meaning and Uses

The Stone of Love

Quick Info

Uses: Helps with developing self love and improving relationships

: Heart Chakra 

: Brazil, India and Madagascar

: Pink
Planet: Venus


Rose quartz, also known as pink quartz, is a potent tool used to improve the relationship you have with yourself and others. As it’s associated with the heart chakra, the healing stone has been used to help with nurturing emotional wounds back into health and fostering self-love. In this respect, it’s a more specialized stone than the other crystals. Rose quartz is also commonly drawn on to help with processing grief and other emotional hardships. Whenever it comes to an issue with the heart, the pink stone is always there to lend a helping hand.

What is rose quartz?

Rose quartz is a variety of quartz which contains inclusions of the mineral dumortierite. It’s quite common in the earth crust and is usually found in massive formations. Specimens which are translucent with a more vibrant color are more rare and highly priced both in the gemological and healing communities. Its unique and rich color has made it a staple in some of history’s most famous jewels and treasures. Throughout the centuries it’s also been used in elaborate carvings and sculptures.

Rose quartz crystal: Meaning and Properties – When and How Rose Quartz Can Help.

You’re consistently hard on yourself 

Self-criticism and awareness can be a healthy and essential tool for self improvement but it can quickly become an excessive and chronic habit loop which gets in the way of objectively viewing your world and circumstances. Over time this can chip away at your self esteem and leave you feeling insecure and consistently anxious. One of the primary properties of rose quartz is its ability to build confidence through illuminating your strengths and capabilities while putting your perceived faults into context. With practice and consistent use, this often leads to an unclouded view of yourself which is significantly more constructive and healthier in the long run.

Many of the relationships you have with close ones are strained

In order to foster open, trusting and healthy relationships with others, it’s important to make sure that your heart is primed with compassion and that your emotions are in check. It comes as no surprise that many of the conflicts we have with others stem from within. This can be dealt with by facing your own demons, insecurities and problems first. Of course, relationships of all types are a two way street but more often than not we find that working on ourselves and our ability to interact with others in an understanding and empathetic way can lead to better friendships, romantic relationships and family bonds. Using rose quartz in meditations or rituals is an excellent way to manifest both the best in ourselves and others.

After an emotionally traumatic experience

Dealing with emotional trauma or hardship is an experience that we all face throughout life. It comes in countless forms and intensities which often require different approaches to effectively heal. Rose quartz can be an excellent sidekick in this process acting as an emotional cushion to help soften the severity of an experience and help you build strength to work through the situation.

Practical Tips on How to Use Your Rose Quartz (Rituals, Meditation & Home)

Ritual for Protection

As outlined earlier in this article, It’s always recommended to begin using rose quartz for self-love first before moving on to your relationships with others. This ritual will help you bring out positive energy and transmute any negative energy from within. 

  • Select your rose quartz tool (e.g. raw stone, obelisk, heart, etc.) and bring a piece of paper and something to write with. 
  •  Write down three things that you admire about yourself. Be specific with these. They can relate either to a quality or an achievement. When we’re in a rut, we become blind to things we’ve accomplished and the positive qualities we embody 
  •  While holding your rose quartz, repeat the phrase “I am worthy of love”. While we recommend this mantra, there are countless others you can work with. The key is that the phrase resonates with you and encourages self-acceptance and empowers you to keep building on your foundation. 
  •  You can repeat this ritual however often you’d like. The crucial aspect is to harness the energy of the rose quartz to help propel you. As this ritual is short, it’s an excellent addition to your morning or evening routine.

Meditation for Compassion

  • Select one or two pieces of black tourmaline and place them in the palm of your hand(s). 
  • Close your eyes, and imagine the black color of the stone washing over your body and thoughts. 
  • Slowly breath inwards and outwards while remaining in this space 
  • The dark represents clarity and safety in this space. There’s nothing to fear as you’re the light in this dark.
  •  Allow any worries or troubling thoughts to come and go. As soon as they come, acknowledge them and let them pass by. 
  •  This is a carefree moment. Everything else will be dealt with in due time. 
  •  Remain in this headspace and let your worries and concerns brush by and leave the space. 
  • When you’ve felt your heartbeat slow and your muscles relax, picture the black color shrinking slowly and eventually setting at the base of the spine. This is the location of the root chakra. 
  •  Slowly open your eyes and remember that at any point you can return to this space (even for a short while) for some time to yourself, free of worry, and stress.

Welcoming a new person (e.g. child, partner) into your life or home

This home application of rose quartz helps prime an environment for new relationships that might develop in that space.

  • Choose the space that you’d like to imbue with positive and nurturing energy. This can be a bedroom, a child’s room, or your living room. 
  •  This set-up works best with enough stones for a central crystal altar and a few pieces of rose quartz for all areas leading in and out of the area (e.g. doors, hallways, etc). 
  •  For the altar place, arrange a rose quartz keystone such as an obelisk in the center with five smaller pieces of clear quartz stone surrounding it. The clear quartz will help amplify and direct the energy produced. 
  •  Place a shard of rose quartz at every pathway into or out of the space. This will help channel the stone’s energy into any person entering or leaving the area. 
  •  As this grid will be used often, it’s helpful to smudge or cleanse the space with sage every month or so in order to keep the crystals fresh. You can also charge the stones separately as outlined below and rearrange the grid as needed. 

How to care for your rose quartz crystal


your rose quartz can be as simple as placing it on a selenite charging plate or leaving it out in the moonlight for several hours. You can also charge the stone by burying it for 24 hours. Make sure to use a cloth bag or other natural covering to ensure dirt does not get into the cracks and crevices of the crystal. 


your stone using California White Sage, palo santo or another sacred herb of your choice. This will ensure that any energy that has been transferred from yourself or others to the stone gets cleared out.

Final Thoughts

Rose quartz is the physical manifestation of love. It’s a close friend showing up when you’ve had a rough week and it’s the voice inside your head cheering you on every day, especially when you’re feeling down. It’s a priceless tool in fostering compassion, acceptance, and warmth. Use this crystal to transform your self image and build lifelong relationships.

Cited: https://rockparadise.com/blogs/news/rose-quartz-healing-properties-meaning-and-uses


elasticity and consumer choice theories

The elasticity and consumer choice theories do apply to the current coronavirus-impacted market for products. During this pandemic many people have lost their jobs thus income elasticity has been a major impact on people’s lives. Some people have not been able to afford medications which are hurting them badly due to the price elastic and/or price inelastic demand. People who desperately need the medication have to buy it regardless of what the price is of the medication since it is pivotal for some people to take certain medications to live due to life and death type of situations. Certain medications as well as other household items have largely increased in prices. Another example is some of the people who were eating organic foods before the pandemic hit have now gone down to eating nonorganic foods instead of organic foods. This behavior change can be measured by how certain stores have increased their prices. The utility of organic foods in my own personal life was pivotal but ever since the pandemic hit, I eat non-organic due to the increase in the cost of certain grocery items. This is an example, of marginal utility since organic foods have either increased in price or been completely sold out at certain stores.


My Experience With Menstural cup

For a long time, I was thinking to play my part in helping the environment which is day by day getting way too much polluted. It was not like that, that I was not helping in other ways to play my part to protect our earth, I do compost all vegetable peels, fruit peels, Eggshells, and other things which I don’t use go in my compost bin. I always recycle my glass materials, plastic materials. And now I want to pinch in some more to help Mother Earth. I heard about the menstrual cup in 2018.

I looked into it but didn’t find the courage to use it I was uncomfortable with this idea to put something inside my body I was scared to use it, what if it gets stuck inside? And there were so many questions arising in my mind what if something went wrong. I have never used tampons in my life so this cup was not giving me any good vibes to use it.

So, there was this fight in me that keeps on bugging me to give it a try, and then I thought let’s give it a try I watched so many video tutorials on how to use this cup. And then I bought the menstrual cup EEEEEEK.

I was still really skeptical about using it, but believe me, it was the best decision of my life to use it. I start using it in June 2020 and never went back to using pads again. Using menstrual cups, I feel liberated and happy both at the same time that I don’t have words to express.

Below I will state  all the benefits and some important things which I learn through my experience.

1. It is environmental friendly I cannot even stress on this point enough. One pad takes 500 to 800 years to decompose so now you do the math how many pads do we use each month.

2.It is cost-effective one menstrual cup will last you for 10 to 12 years and they cost around $30 to $50.

3. Its capacity is way more than a sanitary pad.

Once you get comfortable wearing it you will not even feel anything that’s how liberating the feel of wearing this cup is.

These cups should only be used by married ladies because you have to insert them inside your vagina so I will not recommend them for unmarried girls.

There are three sizes in the menstrual cup 0,1and 2. Size zero should be used if you have a c section or if you are newly married.

And sizes 1 and 2 can be used by ladies who have given birth naturally.

The biggest concern which I had was what if it leaks, but if the cup is inserted properly It will never leak because when we insert it inside this cup works on a suction principle. There is a learning curve once you get hold of it you will

Never look back.

How to take care of your menstrual cup:

Every month when your periods show up boil the cup in a pan for five minutes but don’t let it stand in the water with a clipper hold the cup because the silicon may get burn so be careful.

Then use the cup, insert cup properly inside vagina it should properly be inserted to have its benefit. In the beginning days empty it every 4 hours, and then when your flow is slow you can leave it for

Maximum 12 hours. When your periods end just clean it with rubbing alcohol and put it in the cloth bag and store it for the next month.

Hope my experience of using menstrual cup will help you in making a good and healthy choice.


Toilet Paper Sales During Covid 19

The toilet paper consumers and producers have been impacted heavily during the Covid19 pandemic and the lockdown. The stores are all mostly out of toilet papers since people are unnecessarily hoarding toilet papers. Thus, the demand for toilet has gone up way more than ever before. This type of behavior has to stop soon since it is to the level of insanity where there are not any toilet papers at the stores. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is less to do, and people are just developing selfish and obsessive behavioral patterns which really bothers me. The law of demand is the reason why there is not enough supply of toilet papers since there is only so much that producers can produce of toilet papers. The demand curve is that how much can anyone really go out of their way to pay for the toilet papers and I rather wait than pay more at any small store. Therefore, when I really need toilet paper and the stores do not have them, I have to wait a few weeks to have them be delivered to me when in the end I order them online.

I lamented the selfishness of my fellow human beings. It’s called egoism or self-interest, which is necessary for survival. Egoism is the opposite of altruism, which is the concern for others without regard to one’s self-interest. All humans and animals have the capacity for egoism and altruism. Thus, the egoism during this pandemic has brought upon toilet papers the price ceiling which just means that some people have charged beyond what a toilet paper is not even legally worth. The quantity demanded is how much a person can pay for toilet papers during any given period. This is why the income effect of a price change has been the reason why the human resources department has increased the real income amount of food stamps allowed to an individual – as well as the minimum wage has increased.


Daily Dose of Living — @kki Technical Support

In today’s post, we will talk about how to squash negative thoughts patterns. Do you have a bas habit of dwelling too much on negative thoughts? How to break a bad habit when it is entirely in your mind. There are actually quite a number of ways to decondition thought patterns and breaking the habit. […]

Daily Dose of Living — @kki Technical Support

Thoughts on Pre-Marital Sex — Elisha McFarland

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Talking Sex Ed with Kids Part 2 — Be Inspired..!!

Special Feet

Beautiful Soul

This is the feet of one Man I can NEVER say NO too. He is very special to me and has always been very special to me. He has always looked up to me and admired me even before he knew what admiration was and before he knew my truth. Even after he found out about my TRUTH he still continued to admire me for my soul since he knows that whatever happened to my physical world never happened to my spiritual and soul world. He told me stories of him being bullied and I could always relate to him. Thus, I always knew what advice to provide him when he acted up even though sometimes the things he asks me to do are not really right. I have done his work for him and other things for him too but that is since he has never bullied me or disrespected me. His parents have definitely taught him well in his life.


Khatijah RA

The first wife of the Prophet of Islam

Saint Khatijah was the Mother of Fatima RA and the first wife of Prophet Mohammed Peace Be Upon Him. She was 15 years older than the Prophet of Islam and she had an AMAZING love story since the Prophet himself reacted like I am shocked why a Princess wanted to marry him. She ended up becoming his boss she was the CEO of the company he used to work for and he the trader who used travel to trade import and expert good. She supported him throughout her life and used to take food for him when he traveled to the Cave of Hira where angel Jibral (Gabriel) and she loved him so much that she actually sent a proposal to the Prophet Mohammed Peace Be Upon Him. She married him for his honesty and amazing character and not for his wealth and education. He was a man who had no education and he could not even read and write but he was still a very smart man. They were so deeply in love with each other and this is the kind of love I want in my life too. I want to live like Khatijah RA and be a mother of a daughter like Fatima RA and the wife of a man who can be honest and live a dignified. She also believed the Prophet when he first told her that he saw an angel and she told him God will never abandon you. The most beautiful thing to ever tell the one you love. She even took him to one of her cousins who was a priest in ordered to get him a confirmation that he was the last Prophet. She used to tell everyone he is the most truthful and no one is as truthful as him.  “لا إله إلا الله، محمدا رسول الله” LA ILAHA ILLALLAH, MUHAMMADAR RASULULLAH”,  “I bear witness that there is no deity but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

After she past away he still continued to love her and even though he re-married he still used to talk about her and cry for her. He loved her like words could even express and this is the kind of love I want in my life. He even used to talk to his wife Ayesha about Khatijah RA. Even Ayesha could not replace her love in the Prophet’s heart. She was always there to hold his hand and she was his backbone his pillar during hard times. Angel Gabriel sent the message to the Prophet to tell her that God has a Palace for Khatijah RA in Heaven. The greatest man and the greatest woman to ever live in this world no has never been like them after their time. 🙂 <3


Family of Mother Mary

Cute cartoon nun drawing set, smiling and praying. Simple vector illustration.
Stunning gold and blue tiles of Al Aqsa Mosque on Jerusalem Temple Mount
Jesus Christ himself said WORSHIP ONLY one God ALLAH/ELIOHIM 🙂 <3

Jesus Christ and his cousin son of Zechariah had to leave this world since the world was NOT ready to hear the TRUTH. John was beheaded since an EVIL PRINCESS wanted to marry her Biological Uncle which is forbidden. Thus, she got her uncle who was also her lover to behead John as her DOWRY she asked for the head of John. As well as, she ordered for Zechariah to be killed as well. THIS is the biggest CRIME I have personally EVER HEARD ABOUT. :'( <3


Questioning Children of Adam???

This organization was created by two sisters my mother and aunt. They have been every year for past few years sending money to their uncle and his wife in order for them to provide charity to people living below the poverty level. Now, after watching this YouTube video I just have one question how can they proof that they are actually doing this and not hoarding the money into their own pockets?? Since their uncle is uneducated and so is his wife and so are their two sons. Thus, in order to be running a trustworthy nonprofit organization they need to be providing proper and legit proof otherwise they are nothing but a family full of frauds. NOW please answer my question is there anyone who is trustworthy out there??


My Resume


  • Knowledge of how to communicate with individuals and motivate others
  • Ability to work under pressure and make complex decisions
  • Collaborate well with teammates and able to lead others
  • Skilled at Conflict Resolution, Time Management, Adaptability, and Creativity
  • Background in customer service, with good organizational and clerical skills
  • Computer skills, including Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Internet access
  • Fluent in Urdu, Hindi, English, and conversational in Danish and Punjabi
  • Passion for working with women and children to help them improve their lives


Associates Degrees in Anthropology                                                                                Anticipated May 2021

Associates Degrees in Business Administration                                                              Anticipated May 2021

Moorpark College

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with minor in Business Management                                            May 2020

California State University/Channel Islands

Associate Degree in Child and Adolescence Development                                                           August 2020

Associates Degree in General Studies                                                                                             August 2017

Associates Degree in Psychology                                                                                                          May 2017

Associates Degree in Social and Behavioral Science                                                                          May 2017

Associate Teacher Certificate in Child Development                                                                        May 2008

Associates Degree in Liberal Arts                                                                                                       May 2008

Moorpark College


Private Tutor

California                                                                                                                                            2015-Present

  • Tutoring grade school and pre-school children on Math, English, and Social Studies

Assistant Secretary                                                                                                                            Spring 2008

West Hills Medical Office California

  • As fulfillment of Occupational Work Experience course through Moorpark College
  • Assisted with general office services: answering the telephone, faxing documents, preparing rooms for the patients, and getting meals for the office staff

Crew Member                                                                                                               January – December2008

Burger King Thousand Oaks California

  • Taking customer orders
  • Cashier: receiving payment and providing change
  • Food preparation
  • Custodial and maintenance work

Volunteer/Substitute Assistant Teacher                                                                                          2004 – 2005

Meraj Academy Chatsworth California

  • Supervised children from pre-school age to 8th grade during teacher absences

Secretary (Internship)                                                                                                                    Summer 2002

Northridge Hospital California

  • Assisted with general office services: answering the telephone and faxing documents

Assistant Teacher                                                                                                                                   Fall 2002

Blythe Street Elementary School Reseda California

  • Assisted 5th grade students with their class work

Conducted one project: creating post boards of student cultural backgrounds and experiences


Psychology:                                                                                                                          Completed May 2020

Intimacy, Relationships and Commitment

Developmental Psychology

Foundations of Childhood and Adolescence

Psychological Research and Statistical Methods I and II

Social Psychology

Clinical and Abnormal Psychology

Measurement and Testing
Psychology and Traditional Asian Thought

Individuals with Disabilities

Human Motivation

Business and Nonprofit Management:

Business Law
Business Operations

Nonprofit Management

Management of Organizations

Professional Ethics

Principles of Marketing Societal Issues in Computing

Introduction to Windows

Web Page Design I

Business Information Systems                                                                                                              In Progress

Business Communications                                                                                                                    In Progress

Early Child Development:

Child Psychology

Human Development


Equity Issues in Early Childhood Education


Health and Society

Sex, Gender and Culture

Biological Anthropology

Introduction to Archaeology

Cultural Anthropology

Linguistic Anthropology In Progress

Sociological Analysis                                                                                                                         In Progress


Member, Red Cross Club at California State University Channel Islands                      September 2019-Present


Dreaming of becoming a Nun

I have ONLY loved one Man dearly and he is the one I look for when I am feeling Sad. His name is Jesus Christ Yashu Mashiah (Esa AS) who was sent here on EARTH to teach us how to live OUR lives. Mariam mother of Jesus Christ was a woman of great wisdom and who knew that this is NOT it. We have a greater place to look forward to which is the Heaven above the Kingdom of OUR Father Eilohim (ALLAH) who have created us all OUT of DUST. Thus, we all are DUSTIES. No one is above or Beneath anyone here on EARTH. His cousin John the Baptist (Yahya AS) has taught us all about the POWER of Baptism since that is the state of purity which ONLY few gets to be blessed with. I dream of creating the for union for Muslim Nuns. To be Muslim means to be Believer of One God and nothing else. Love is God. Peace is God. Therefore, to love and be in peace means to be worshiping the God All Mighty. God has taught us to forgive but the question is “have we learned how to forgive??” I have still NOT been able to forgive my MOTHER for the hell she put me through in my life. I try every day to forgive her but then something again to make me go back to the mindset that she is NOT worth MY forgiveness ever in my LIFE.


The possible impact of the Covid19 pandemic and the lockdown upon consumers and producers

The toilet paper consumers and producers have been impacted heavily during the Covid19 pandemic and the lockdown. The stores are all mostly out of toilet papers since people are unnecessarily hoarding toilet papers. Thus, the demand for toilet has gone up way more than ever before. This type of behavior has to stop soon since it is to the level of insanity where there are not any toilet papers at the stores. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is less to do, and people are just developing selfish and obsessive behavioral patterns which really bothers me. The law of demand is the reason why there is not enough supply of toilet papers since there is only so much that producers can produce of toilet papers. The demand curve is that how much can anyone really go out of their way to pay for the toilet papers and I rather wait than pay more at any small store. Therefore, when I really need toilet paper and the stores do not have them, I have to wait a few weeks to have them be delivered to me when in the end I order them online.

I lamented the selfishness of my fellow human beings. It’s called egoism or self-interest, which is necessary for survival. Egoism is the opposite of altruism, which is the concern for others without regard to one’s self-interest. All humans and animals have the capacity for egoism and altruism. Thus, the egoism during this pandemic has brought upon toilet papers the price ceiling which just means that some people have charged beyond what a toilet paper is not even legally worth. The quantity demanded is how much a person can pay for toilet papers during any given period. This is why the income effect of a price change has been the reason why the human resources department has increased the real income amount of food stamps allowed to an individual – as well as the minimum wage has increased.


Life Partner VS Girlfriends

Ladies best advice do NOT treat your Life Partner as one of your Girlfriends. Men don’t like to talk as much as women do. Thus, if you want your Life Partner to grow more passionately and deeply in love with you then you just do NOT talk to him as much as you talk to one of your Girlfriends. Men also do NOT want to hear a whole RANT about what anyone’s mother, aunt, grandmother, sister, cousin, or niece has done or is doing. Therefore, LADIES we all need to make a strong sisterhood for each other. Where we can be playful and be having fun with each other.

Men ONLY get annoyed when we go talk to them about a problem they can NOT solve. I used to be a talker to NOW when people try talking to me I just look at them and ask them so what is the point behind all of this?? The ONLY one person I talk to daily is my grandmother. EVEN, we ONLY ask each other what did you EAT and how was your day?? after that we are like OKAY you are good I am good. NOW, LET’S talk tomorrow since we have NOTHING important to talk about at this MOMENT.

I am slowly slowly TURNING my BLOGS into an OUTLET where I just let OUT whatever I am thinking or WHATEVER is on my MIND. WE all have millions of thoughts crossing OUR minds on a daily basis and NO one really has the TIME to listen to OUR millions of thoughts. Thus, BLOGGING about them and letting them OUT like that is the BEST advice and APPROACH EVER.


The Legend of Shaheed E Azam Bhagat Singh

Shaheed E Azam Bhagat Singh Was A Revolutionary Freedom Fighter From The Indian Subcontinent

Bhagat Singh was born in the year 1907 on the 27th of September during the time of British Raj India into a Punjabi Sikh family but he himself grow up to becoming an atheist. While he was growing up he saw a lot of violence happening around him by the Britishers. Indian men living at that time were not free to work their desired jobs and speak what they willed even in their own country. The British people took over everything even the jobs that Indian men could have gotten were given to the white people. The white people even tried to change the culture of India when they were ruling over India.

Bhagat Singh was also influenced by his father and uncles. His uncles Ajit Singh and Swaran Singh went to jail for revolting against the British East Indian Company since they had taken OVER India and were treating Indians as their slaves. They had started trading with India during the time of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir and after the death of his grandson Aurangzeb the British started showing their true colors. They took OVER India and controlled Indians for around about 250 years. They also killed Indians and raped Indian women when Indians refused to pay them tax for their country as well as letting them treating them like animals and dirt. (“THIS MAKES ME CRY SINCE MY FAMILY HAD TO LIVE THROUGH SLAVERY AND I HATE THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY FOR WHAT THEY DID TO MY COUNTRY”). I Salute the sacrifice they made for us and our freedom from the British Royal Family and the East Indian Company.

Bhagat Singh did NOT want to be part of the continuation of slavery which was imposed on Indians by the British Rulers he was a very dignified man with a lot of self-respect. Thus, from a very young age he started revolting just like his father and uncles. When he joined National College in Lahore British Raj India he met Sukhdev and Rajguru who had similar values and views as him. They joined the Dramatic Club and were also part of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA).

They envisioned a India where people could live freely regardless of religious views which is why on April 8, 1929, Bhagat Singh, along with freedom fighter Batukeshwar Dutt, hurled two bombs inside the Central Legislative Assembly in New Delhi to protest against an unfavorable Bill. Interestingly, their actual intention behind this defiant act was to get arrested and to use the subsequent court appearances to further the cause of their organization Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA) for India’s independence.

Along with the bombs, Singh, also threw in copies of a leaflet in the assembly that quoted a French anarchist as saying, “It takes a loud noise to make the deaf hear”, and signs off with the now epochal statement, ‘Inquilab Zindabad! ‘or ‘ ‘Long live the Revolution.’ He did not resist his arrest at this point.

At the time of his trial, he didn’t offer any defense, rather used the occasion to propagate the idea of India’s freedom. Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru were just 23 years old when they were hanged on March 23rd, 1931 in a jail in Lahore, Punjab, British India (Present-Day Punjab Pakistan). They gave up their lives for their dream of a free, democratic, and secular India. And yet, today Indian and Pakistani societies are ravaged by the poison of fundamentalism, communal hatred, injustice, and corruption. Have we betrayed their sacrifice? YES, we have!!!

There are many PIVOTAL things which TODAY’S YOUTH can learn from the life of Shaheed E Azam Bhagat Singh. For an example, self respect and how to improve their country, society, and nation as whole. Today’s Youth is very selfish they only care for video games and how they can fool people in order to get money. As well as, where they can take their girlfriends out on dates. Today’s Youth is nothing like Shaheed E Azam Bhagat Singh SINCE he was something else. He was a warrior a freedom fighter and a writer. Thus, HE was a REAL and TRUE MAN. As well as, a YOUTH icon from the Indian Subcontinent.

In his famous article titled “Why I am an Atheist?” written in jail in early October 1930, he wrote he found fulfillment through serving humanity and liberating it from sufferings and distress. Apart from freedom from the British, his goal was to build an India where poverty, socioeconomic disparity and exploitation did not exist. This is also the values and views I hold thus Bhagat Singh is my role model and inspiration. I would like to improve the lives of my people on both sides of the BORDER since some of the people who are dearest to me are from BOTH sides of the BORDER. THUS, I consider myself as a NEW AGE Revolutionary Freedom Fighter and MY FIGHT is AGAINST PEOPLE who DISRESPECTS WOMEN, people other religious backgrounds, different skin colors as them, ethnicity, LGBTI, and ETC. I AM SPIRITUAL AND NOT MUSLIM or ANYTHING ELSE I AM BASICALLY JUST A HUMAN.


Secret SuperStar

Dreams Do Come True

Letter to God,

This movie made me cry since I could relate to this movie emotionally. Emotionally, I feel tied down and like others are controlling my life. I wish I had the power to fly freely to explore the world. I wish to attend Grad School and protect every women and child out there. I also dream of getting married to someone special who will always adore me and cherish me for who I am without trying to change me. I have also been through Domestic Violence in my life on the emotional and physical level by my family members.

My dad told me that “you are a piece of shit, your education is a piece of shit, you only deserve to me a prostitute, fucked by 10 men, rapped, murdered, and go have kids with a black man” which is the most painful thing for any female to hear from her father. My brother also hit me and pushed me after that I had bruises on the left side of my body on my upper hip which as an elder sister really hurt my feelings. The bruises are gone now from my body but the spirit of those bruises are still on my soul.

My grandmother spoiled my father by not teaching him how to respect women and my mother spoiled my brother by brainwashing him and turning him against me in our childhood. Both these men are NOT to be blamed for what they have done to me but their mothers are to be blamed for NOT teaching them any better. I know that I am going to end up homeless in a few months but I do NOT blame anyone since it is my destiny to be put on the streets.

Everyone has to struggle in order to achieve their dreams and I know that I have to struggle as well in my life. If I give in to allowing people control me then I will never be able to achieve my dreams but if I stand up and say NO I have the right to dream and achieve my dreams too. Only then I will be able to one day achieve my dreams in my life sooner or later. I know God or the Quantum Field will find a way to help me achieve my dreams and goals in my life.


Alia Khan


Predicting Death

Is it a curse or a gift? I have predicting three people’s deaths in my life. One my maternal grandfather when I was 14 years old. The vision came to me in the form of a dream. I remember when I was 14 years old 6 months before my maternal grandfather’s death I had an episodic dream. In the beginning of my dream I saw my brother vomiting and he was very close to my grandfather. The first episode of my dream was of my brother vomiting and 2nd episode was of a funeral. The funeral was my grandfather’s funeral where I saw him being lifted into his grave. 6 months after my dream my grandfather past away which still haunts me till today. The 2nd death I predicted was through a feeling of my paternal grandfather dying and two weeks later he past away in my early 20s. The 3rd death I predicted was my great aunt’s death a month ago. I two months ago felt like my great grandmother visited me and I felt that she was telling me she is worried about my mom since she was my mom’s maternal grandmother. Then she also told me I am worried about my daughter and I thought she was worried about my grandmother since my grandmother is her daughter. I told my grandmother about that and she said you have a blood and soul connection with her maybe that is why you felt her. A few days ago my great aunt actually passed away and I was like oh SHIT. Ironically, my grandmother also felt her parents a couple of months ago and she didn’t tell me that when I had told her about my encounter with my great grandmother’s spirit. Now the question is am I cursed or am I blessed with this ability?? I say it’s a gift not a curse since when I told my grandmother that I saw her death she went to the doctor and the first time got a pacemaker on her heart and 2nd time she got stents in her heart that saved her life. My grandmother also says it’s a gift I am blessed with in my life.

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The Nonprofit Organization Children of Adam

The nonprofit organization Children of Adam was founded by two sisters Robina Hameed Qureshi and Kausar Qureshi and their adoptive maternal uncle Abrar Khan’s wife, Humera Naz. They have hosted several events in Karachi Pakistan and are working with women, children, and men living below the poverty level. As well as every year during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar (Ramadan) they host dinner events for Muslims and None Muslims who are desperately in need of a meal. They do it selflessly just to put a smile on individuals living below the poverty level. These people are the best at showing gratitude since they take every meal as a blessing and lives with the abundance mindset. They know and have faith that they will be provided for by the higher power of the universe the quantum field and energy of love, light, and peace will find a way to provide for them. Thus, they are the only people who are willing to say ma’am I am totally grateful for the food when they get provided for. Seeing one child smile is priceless since children are little angels and gifts for their parents and families. Therefore, every child should be given a chance to live their desired lives regardless of their gender, or if they are differently abled or not, and their families religious backgrounds.

The founder Robina Hameed Qureshi is my mother and my life’s biggest inspiration. She has taught me the dos and don’ts of life through her own personal experiences and limiting beliefs about life. All I want tell her and her sister is that you have raised us all well, thank for waking up at nights and feeding us when we all were little and needed you. I am grateful for all you have done for me mom. Now my dream is to watch you live your life for yourself and nobody else. You do not owe anyone thing in life and neither did you owe anything to anyone before. Love you all so much.


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