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Questioning Children of Adam???

This organization was created by two sisters my mother and aunt. They have been every year for past few years sending money to their uncle and his wife in order for them to provide charity to people living below the poverty level. Now, after watching this YouTube video I just have one question how can they proof that they are actually doing this and not hoarding the money into their own pockets?? Since their uncle is uneducated and so is his wife and so are their two sons. Thus, in order to be running a trustworthy nonprofit organization they need to be providing proper and legit proof otherwise they are nothing but a family full of frauds. NOW please answer my question is there anyone who is trustworthy out there??

My Resume


  • Knowledge of how to communicate with individuals and motivate others
  • Ability to work under pressure and make complex decisions
  • Collaborate well with teammates and able to lead others
  • Skilled at Conflict Resolution, Time Management, Adaptability, and Creativity
  • Background in customer service, with good organizational and clerical skills
  • Computer skills, including Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Internet access
  • Fluent in Urdu, Hindi, English, and conversational in Danish and Punjabi
  • Passion for working with women and children to help them improve their lives


Associates Degrees in Anthropology                                                                                Anticipated May 2021

Associates Degrees in Business Administration                                                              Anticipated May 2021

Moorpark College

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with minor in Business Management                                            May 2020

California State University/Channel Islands

Associate Degree in Child and Adolescence Development                                                           August 2020

Associates Degree in General Studies                                                                                             August 2017

Associates Degree in Psychology                                                                                                          May 2017

Associates Degree in Social and Behavioral Science                                                                          May 2017

Associate Teacher Certificate in Child Development                                                                        May 2008

Associates Degree in Liberal Arts                                                                                                       May 2008

Moorpark College


Private Tutor

California                                                                                                                                            2015-Present

  • Tutoring grade school and pre-school children on Math, English, and Social Studies

Assistant Secretary                                                                                                                            Spring 2008

West Hills Medical Office California

  • As fulfillment of Occupational Work Experience course through Moorpark College
  • Assisted with general office services: answering the telephone, faxing documents, preparing rooms for the patients, and getting meals for the office staff

Crew Member                                                                                                               January – December2008

Burger King Thousand Oaks California

  • Taking customer orders
  • Cashier: receiving payment and providing change
  • Food preparation
  • Custodial and maintenance work

Volunteer/Substitute Assistant Teacher                                                                                          2004 – 2005

Meraj Academy Chatsworth California

  • Supervised children from pre-school age to 8th grade during teacher absences

Secretary (Internship)                                                                                                                    Summer 2002

Northridge Hospital California

  • Assisted with general office services: answering the telephone and faxing documents

Assistant Teacher                                                                                                                                   Fall 2002

Blythe Street Elementary School Reseda California

  • Assisted 5th grade students with their class work

Conducted one project: creating post boards of student cultural backgrounds and experiences


Psychology:                                                                                                                          Completed May 2020

Intimacy, Relationships and Commitment

Developmental Psychology

Foundations of Childhood and Adolescence

Psychological Research and Statistical Methods I and II

Social Psychology

Clinical and Abnormal Psychology

Measurement and Testing
Psychology and Traditional Asian Thought

Individuals with Disabilities

Human Motivation

Business and Nonprofit Management:

Business Law
Business Operations

Nonprofit Management

Management of Organizations

Professional Ethics

Principles of Marketing Societal Issues in Computing

Introduction to Windows

Web Page Design I

Business Information Systems                                                                                                              In Progress

Business Communications                                                                                                                    In Progress

Early Child Development:

Child Psychology

Human Development


Equity Issues in Early Childhood Education


Health and Society

Sex, Gender and Culture

Biological Anthropology

Introduction to Archaeology

Cultural Anthropology

Linguistic Anthropology In Progress

Sociological Analysis                                                                                                                         In Progress


Member, Red Cross Club at California State University Channel Islands                      September 2019-Present

Dreaming of becoming a Nun

I have ONLY loved one Man dearly and he is the one I look for when I am feeling Sad. His name is Jesus Christ Yashu Mashiah (Esa AS) who was sent here on EARTH to teach us how to live OUR lives. Mariam mother of Jesus Christ was a woman of great wisdom and who knew that this is NOT it. We have a greater place to look forward to which is the Heaven above the Kingdom of OUR Father Eilohim (ALLAH) who have created us all OUT of DUST. Thus, we all are DUSTIES. No one is above or Beneath anyone here on EARTH. His cousin John the Baptist (Yahya AS) has taught us all about the POWER of Baptism since that is the state of purity which ONLY few gets to be blessed with. I dream of creating the for union for Muslim Nuns. To be Muslim means to be Believer of One God and nothing else. Love is God. Peace is God. Therefore, to love and be in peace means to be worshiping the God All Mighty. God has taught us to forgive but the question is “have we learned how to forgive??” I have still NOT been able to forgive my MOTHER for the hell she put me through in my life. I try every day to forgive her but then something again to make me go back to the mindset that she is NOT worth MY forgiveness ever in my LIFE.

The possible impact of the Covid19 pandemic and the lockdown upon consumers and producers

The toilet paper consumers and producers have been impacted heavily during the Covid19 pandemic and the lockdown. The stores are all mostly out of toilet papers since people are unnecessarily hoarding toilet papers. Thus, the demand for toilet has gone up way more than ever before. This type of behavior has to stop soon since it is to the level of insanity where there are not any toilet papers at the stores. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is less to do, and people are just developing selfish and obsessive behavioral patterns which really bothers me. The law of demand is the reason why there is not enough supply of toilet papers since there is only so much that producers can produce of toilet papers. The demand curve is that how much can anyone really go out of their way to pay for the toilet papers and I rather wait than pay more at any small store. Therefore, when I really need toilet paper and the stores do not have them, I have to wait a few weeks to have them be delivered to me when in the end I order them online.

I lamented the selfishness of my fellow human beings. It’s called egoism or self-interest, which is necessary for survival. Egoism is the opposite of altruism, which is the concern for others without regard to one’s self-interest. All humans and animals have the capacity for egoism and altruism. Thus, the egoism during this pandemic has brought upon toilet papers the price ceiling which just means that some people have charged beyond what a toilet paper is not even legally worth. The quantity demanded is how much a person can pay for toilet papers during any given period. This is why the income effect of a price change has been the reason why the human resources department has increased the real income amount of food stamps allowed to an individual – as well as the minimum wage has increased.

Life Partner VS Girlfriends

Ladies best advice do NOT treat your Life Partner as one of your Girlfriends. Men don’t like to talk as much as women do. Thus, if you want your Life Partner to grow more passionately and deeply in love with you then you just do NOT talk to him as much as you talk to one of your Girlfriends. Men also do NOT want to hear a whole RANT about what anyone’s mother, aunt, grandmother, sister, cousin, or niece has done or is doing. Therefore, LADIES we all need to make a strong sisterhood for each other. Where we can be playful and be having fun with each other.

Men ONLY get annoyed when we go talk to them about a problem they can NOT solve. I used to be a talker to NOW when people try talking to me I just look at them and ask them so what is the point behind all of this?? The ONLY one person I talk to daily is my grandmother. EVEN, we ONLY ask each other what did you EAT and how was your day?? after that we are like OKAY you are good I am good. NOW, LET’S talk tomorrow since we have NOTHING important to talk about at this MOMENT.

I am slowly slowly TURNING my BLOGS into an OUTLET where I just let OUT whatever I am thinking or WHATEVER is on my MIND. WE all have millions of thoughts crossing OUR minds on a daily basis and NO one really has the TIME to listen to OUR millions of thoughts. Thus, BLOGGING about them and letting them OUT like that is the BEST advice and APPROACH EVER.

Verbally Harassed

Recently, few like a month or two ago one of my mother’s cousins started stalking me on facebook. Then randomly he decided to call me like 6 or 7 times. After, that finally when I responded to his call he verbally harassed me. He inappropriately said hey you are always angry because you are single. Why don’t you get married or do you already have a boyfriend? my respond was like who the hell are you to ask me that question?? and then he was like oh why don’t you marry me I will give you a back massage and foot massage. When he said that to me I was like WTF do you not have a sister or a mother at your home?? how would you feel if someone said that to your mother or one of your sisters?? and then I was like why don’t you say it again. After, I said that he said oh you liked it so much?? and I was like yes you say it again and I will record you and report you to Karachi Police Department for verbal harassment. When I said that he was like what wrong did I say?? and I was like WTF you don’t think that what you said to me was wrong?? and then he said NO. After that I cursed at him like a mad woman and told him just mock my words if you even think of making me look bad in the family I will destroy you and you have no idea what I am capable of doing to people who verbally, psychologically, physically, and emotionally abuse. harass, assault, and rape women. Them I just can’t stand those men OMG I have no words how much I HATE such MAN.

BUT, luckily after that recently I told my mother and she actually for ones believed me that I wasn’t wrong. She also told me I am proud of you that you said that to him and got rid of him since he is useless. I am just glad for ones my mother supported me in my life. This cousin of my mother is nearly 50 years old and he acts like he is so kool or all that. He is an old perverted him who just needs to get a life. I am just really angry that why am I still allowing this to get to my head. I cry when I go through even verbally harassment but then I get up and tell myself why should I play the victim card here. Most of my mom’s cousins from her all her maternal aunts’ sides are just OMG I have no words like bad and they also think they are all that. PLUS, none of them are worth my time but I guess I am just writing this blog in order to get this out of my system and release on the negative energy I am HOLDING on too.

CEO of Universal Journey Academy

I have a Bachelors in Psychology with a Business Management Minor as well as a certified life coach. I offer Life Coaching and Mentoring Services to anyone in need.

I help those individuals with language learning disabilities (LLD) as well as those who do NOT have language-learning disabilities (LLD) gain high self-esteem and confidence level, and professional coaching. Even those dealing with a low self-esteem level and low self-confidence level.

I can speak from personal experience since I have LLD. I have suffered from it my whole life not knowing why I couldn’t read and write. Thus, my family and relatives always thought I was bad, rude, and making excuses not understanding that my neuro pathways work slightly different from the average brain as well as my brain is wired slightly differently due to hypoxia. This simply just means I did not get enough oxygen to my brain during my birth, which is no one’s fault. Thus, the left side of my brain has brain damage.

Ones I learned what my learning style was I actually gained a level of self-confidence. Plus, in my native culture, they have no awareness of how dyslexia affects an individual. I don’t blame them for bullying me I blame their lack of awareness of neuropsychology. I dedicate my coaching business to my mom’s teachings she has always helped and taught people to be better individuals. I owe my education to her since she encouraged me to aim for the sky and not settle for less.

Using Information Systems for Competitive Advantage

1: Facebook uses information systems to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. According to Damianos Sakasa, Nasiopoulos Dimitriosa, Androniki Kavourab in the article the development of Facebook’s competitive advantage for brand awareness they analyzed the Facebook brand as well as the advantages and disadvantages of its creation. They also came up with a model ­for the commercial advancement of consumer behavior (Sakasa, Dimitrios, & Kavoura, 2015). For example, one of my really good friends is Mormon, and ever since she became friends with me on her Facebook newsfeed, unexpected things started showing up. Such as how to tie a Hijab which is a Muslim head covering since she wanted to know what Muslims believed in this, she researched on Facebook about Muslims once or twice. Therefore, now Islamic things come up in her news feed.

This system can help the public regardless of age in their decision-making process as consumers which can be a great advantage for business (Sakasa, Dimitrios, & Kavoura, 2015). This can also be a disadvantage for businesses since now my friend is getting those advertisements from businesses even though they would not gain anything out of it since she is a Mormon and would not wear a headscarf. Another example of a disadvantage is that one of my cousins who is only 15 years old gets Minneapolis Public School advertisements since she lives there. This scares for me to even think that my little cousin could potentially be tracked down, but I have full faith in her that she has the power to chase away anyone who tries to track her down.

2: Michael Porter identified three strategies for successfully competing in the marketplace which are: the overall cost of leadership, differentiation, and focus. The overall cost of leadership reduces the cost of products and services (Tovar, 2021). Differentiation is making the products and services different from competitors and the focus is on focusing on a specific market segment to achieve a cost or differentiation advantage (Tovar, 2021). The strategy Facebook utilizes is the focus when competing for their desired results of success.

They are achieving success by focusing on the general public and what they want to market. Small and new brands utilize Facebook’s ads system since anyone can advertise through Facebook ads. We just have to pay a small fee to market our products and/or services. This can also be a disadvantage for small businesses since sometimes people advertise their experiences with small businesses which can also hurt those business owners. For example, a life coach I took coaching with through Facebook had tried to coach people about the business which she had no idea about. She charged a big amount for coaching people about business and while doing so another one of her students got very angry with her and advertised it all over Facebook which I believe she brought upon herself and actually desired. I would personally never go teach something I do not know anything about.

3: The company Facebook will be able to sustain its competitive advantage in the future too since every single day in the world people are coming up with new brands of products and services to sell. For example, I am in the process of starting up my business in life coaching and mentoring. I have a business Facebook page and two business Facebook groups through which I provide my life coaching and mentoring services. As well, I have come across many other people conducting their services through Facebook’s platform. Therefore, I do not believe that Facebook will go out of business any time soon.


Sakas, Damianos P, Dimitrios, Nasiopoulos K, & Kavoura, Androniki. (2015). The Development of Facebook’s Competitive Advantage for Brand Awareness. Procedia Economics and Finance, 24, 589–597. https://doi.org/10.1016/S2212-5671(15)00642-5

Tovar, S (2021). Introduction to Business Information Systems [PowerPoint Slides]. Files. https://vcccd.instructure.com/courses/33735

From Beauty to Grave

One of My Great Aunts (BORN in New Delhi India and PASSED AWAY in Karachi Pakistan)

She passed away less than a year ago and I have heard so many stories about her. Thus, I can say she must have had jaws dropping and different guys trying to propose to her. NO, she did have JAWS DROPPING OVER HER I know it for a FACT. She on the other hand willingly decided that marriage was NOT for her or maybe she was forced to stay single her whole life. She took care of my mother when my mother was a little child. My mother always had a connection with her on the soul level since as a child my mother stayed with her for a long period of time. She was my maternal grandmother’s best friend and favorite younger sister. She had 12 younger siblings whom she raised as a mother after her mother had passed away. At that time she was hardly in 8th grade and could have continued her education. Instead, had sacrificed her life for her family. She also raised some of her nieces and nephews like a mother and grandmother including my mother.

Her sacrifice STORY for me is HARD to believe since I know that truth is that she was forced into a situation she never wanted to be in. She also had desires of having a family of her own but never got the chance to. I am speaking on her behave as a woman I know what a woman desires. Therefore, the story I have heard about her is a fabrication of the truth. I am sure of that and I know she is GONE which is why I won’t speak too much about her but I must say I SALUTE HER. May her soul Rest in Peace and may NO ONE else EVER be forced into SITUATIONS which they do NOT want to be in EVER AGAIN. I WONDER why she NEVER SPOKE UP AGAINST INJUSTICE?? IF anyone has the ANSWER please do COMMENT BELOW!!

The Legend of Shaheed E Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh Jee

Shaheed E Azam Bhagat Singh Was A Revolutionary Freedom Fighter From The Indian Subcontinent

Bhagat Singh was born in the year 1907 on the 27th of September during the time of British Raj India into a Punjabi Sikh family but he himself grow up to becoming an atheist. While he was growing up he saw a lot of violence happening around him by the Britishers. Indian men living at that time were not free to work their desired jobs and speak what they willed even in their own country. The British people took over everything even the jobs that Indian men could have gotten were given to the white people. The white people even tried to change the culture of India when they were ruling over India.

Bhagat Singh was also influenced by his father and uncles. His uncles Ajit Singh and Swaran Singh went to jail for revolting against the British East Indian Company since they had taken OVER India and were treating Indians as their slaves. They had started trading with India during the time of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir and after the death of his grandson Aurangzeb the British started showing their true colors. They took OVER India and controlled Indians for around about 250 years. They also killed Indians and raped Indian women when Indians refused to pay them tax for their country as well as letting them treating them like animals and dirt. (“THIS MAKES ME CRY SINCE MY FAMILY HAD TO LIVE THROUGH SLAVERY AND I HATE THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY FOR WHAT THEY DID TO MY COUNTRY”). I Salute the sacrifice they made for us and our freedom from the British Royal Family and the East Indian Company.

Bhagat Singh did NOT want to be part of the continuation of slavery which was imposed on Indians by the British Rulers he was a very dignified man with a lot of self-respect. Thus, from a very young age he started revolting just like his father and uncles. When he joined National College in Lahore British Raj India he met Sukhdev and Rajguru who had similar values and views as him. They joined the Dramatic Club and were also part of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA).

They envisioned a India where people could live freely regardless of religious views which is why on April 8, 1929, Bhagat Singh, along with freedom fighter Batukeshwar Dutt, hurled two bombs inside the Central Legislative Assembly in New Delhi to protest against an unfavorable Bill. Interestingly, their actual intention behind this defiant act was to get arrested and to use the subsequent court appearances to further the cause of their organization Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA) for India’s independence.

Along with the bombs, Singh, also threw in copies of a leaflet in the assembly that quoted a French anarchist as saying, “It takes a loud noise to make the deaf hear”, and signs off with the now epochal statement, ‘Inquilab Zindabad! ‘or ‘ ‘Long live the Revolution.’ He did not resist his arrest at this point.

At the time of his trial, he didn’t offer any defense, rather used the occasion to propagate the idea of India’s freedom. Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru were just 23 years old when they were hanged on March 23rd, 1931 in a jail in Lahore, Punjab, British India (Present-Day Punjab Pakistan). They gave up their lives for their dream of a free, democratic, and secular India. And yet, today Indian and Pakistani societies are ravaged by the poison of fundamentalism, communal hatred, injustice, and corruption. Have we betrayed their sacrifice? YES, we have!!!

There are many PIVOTAL things which TODAY’S YOUTH can learn from the life of Shaheed E Azam Bhagat Singh. For an example, self respect and how to improve their country, society, and nation as whole. Today’s Youth is very selfish they only care for video games and how they can fool people in order to get money. As well as, where they can take their girlfriends out on dates. Today’s Youth is nothing like Shaheed E Azam Bhagat Singh SINCE he was something else. He was a warrior a freedom fighter and a writer. Thus, HE was a REAL and TRUE MAN. As well as, a YOUTH icon from the Indian Subcontinent.

In his famous article titled “Why I am an Atheist?” written in jail in early October 1930, he wrote he found fulfillment through serving humanity and liberating it from sufferings and distress. Apart from freedom from the British, his goal was to build an India where poverty, socioeconomic disparity and exploitation did not exist. This is also the values and views I hold thus Bhagat Singh is my role model and inspiration. I would like to improve the lives of my people on both sides of the BORDER since some of the people who are dearest to me are from BOTH sides of the BORDER. THUS, I consider myself as a NEW AGE Revolutionary Freedom Fighter and MY FIGHT is AGAINST PEOPLE who DISRESPECTS WOMEN, people other religious backgrounds, different skin colors as them, ethnicity, LGBTI, and ETC. I AM SPIRITUAL AND NOT MUSLIM or ANYTHING ELSE I AM BASICALLY JUST A HUMAN.

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