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Surprise Graduation Gift

The day before my graduation I got a package in the mail with my name on there and I really had no idea who had sent it to me. I opened it up and saw this Philosophy set and I started wondering who it could have been from since I did not order anything fromContinue reading “Surprise Graduation Gift”

From This Broke My Heart To Fighting My Inner Demons Review of Thomas S. Szasz’s Article from 1960 “The Myth of Mental Illness”

Alia Khan April 25, 2020 Dr. James Morrison Psychology 310 History and Systems – 01 Historical Article: Thomas S. Szasz’s The Myth of Mental Illness The important points of the article, The myth of mental illness by Thomas S. Szasz (1960), are summarized in the subheadings: mental illness as a sign of brain disease, mentalContinue reading “From This Broke My Heart To Fighting My Inner Demons Review of Thomas S. Szasz’s Article from 1960 “The Myth of Mental Illness””

Sleep Paralysis

My experience with sleep paralysis has been very scary and shocking. In 2008 my family was going through a hard time my dad had cheated on my mother. He went and married someone my age who’s maternal uncle, family, and herself was just greedy for my dad’s money. Before she married my dad, he hadContinue reading “Sleep Paralysis”

Evolving Your Spirit With Self Love

February Month of Love Steps to Self Love: take a nice warm bath tell yourself “I love you”. treat yourself on Valentine’s Day create a ritual you will carry on take yourself out on a date (girls night out) gift yourself something you expect your significant other to gift you

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry from the British royal family is willing to leave the Royal Family, leave his title, his royal money, move to another country (Canada), and live completely independent of royal reign to keep his wife Meghan from being treated as an outcast. Get yourself a man who isn’t scared to PROTECT your POSITION fromContinue reading “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle”

The Nonprofit Organization Children of Adam

The nonprofit organization Children of Adam was founded by two sisters Robina Hameed Qureshi and Kausar Qureshi and their adoptive maternal uncle Abrar Khan’s wife, Humera Naz. They have hosted several events in Karachi Pakistan and are working with women, children, and men living below the poverty level. As well as every year during theContinue reading “The Nonprofit Organization Children of Adam”

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