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The Legend of Shaheed E Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh Jee

Shaheed E Azam Bhagat Singh Was A Revolutionary Freedom Fighter From The Indian Subcontinent

Bhagat Singh was born in the year 1907 on the 27th of September during the time of British Raj India into a Punjabi Sikh family but he himself grow up to becoming an atheist. While he was growing up he saw a lot of violence happening around him by the Britishers. Indian men living at that time were not free to work their desired jobs and speak what they willed even in their own country. The British people took over everything even the jobs that Indian men could have gotten were given to the white people. The white people even tried to change the culture of India when they were ruling over India.

Bhagat Singh was also influenced by his father and uncles. His uncles Ajit Singh and Swaran Singh went to jail for revolting against the British East Indian Company since they had taken OVER India and were treating Indians as their slaves. They had started trading with India during the time of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir and after the death of his grandson Aurangzeb the British started showing their true colors. They took OVER India and controlled Indians for around about 250 years. They also killed Indians and raped Indian women when Indians refused to pay them tax for their country as well as letting them treating them like animals and dirt. (“THIS MAKES ME CRY SINCE MY FAMILY HAD TO LIVE THROUGH SLAVERY AND I HATE THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY FOR WHAT THEY DID TO MY COUNTRY”). I Salute the sacrifice they made for us and our freedom from the British Royal Family and the East Indian Company.

Bhagat Singh did NOT want to be part of the continuation of slavery which was imposed on Indians by the British Rulers he was a very dignified man with a lot of self-respect. Thus, from a very young age he started revolting just like his father and uncles. When he joined National College in Lahore British Raj India he met Sukhdev and Rajguru who had similar values and views as him. They joined the Dramatic Club and were also part of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA).

They envisioned a India where people could live freely regardless of religious views which is why on April 8, 1929, Bhagat Singh, along with freedom fighter Batukeshwar Dutt, hurled two bombs inside the Central Legislative Assembly in New Delhi to protest against an unfavorable Bill. Interestingly, their actual intention behind this defiant act was to get arrested and to use the subsequent court appearances to further the cause of their organization Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA) for India’s independence.

Along with the bombs, Singh, also threw in copies of a leaflet in the assembly that quoted a French anarchist as saying, “It takes a loud noise to make the deaf hear”, and signs off with the now epochal statement, ‘Inquilab Zindabad! ‘or ‘ ‘Long live the Revolution.’ He did not resist his arrest at this point.

At the time of his trial, he didn’t offer any defense, rather used the occasion to propagate the idea of India’s freedom. Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru were just 23 years old when they were hanged on March 23rd, 1931 in a jail in Lahore, Punjab, British India (Present-Day Punjab Pakistan). They gave up their lives for their dream of a free, democratic, and secular India. And yet, today Indian and Pakistani societies are ravaged by the poison of fundamentalism, communal hatred, injustice, and corruption. Have we betrayed their sacrifice? YES, we have!!!

There are many PIVOTAL things which TODAY’S YOUTH can learn from the life of Shaheed E Azam Bhagat Singh. For an example, self respect and how to improve their country, society, and nation as whole. Today’s Youth is very selfish they only care for video games and how they can fool people in order to get money. As well as, where they can take their girlfriends out on dates. Today’s Youth is nothing like Shaheed E Azam Bhagat Singh SINCE he was something else. He was a warrior a freedom fighter and a writer. Thus, HE was a REAL and TRUE MAN. As well as, a YOUTH icon from the Indian Subcontinent.

In his famous article titled “Why I am an Atheist?” written in jail in early October 1930, he wrote he found fulfillment through serving humanity and liberating it from sufferings and distress. Apart from freedom from the British, his goal was to build an India where poverty, socioeconomic disparity and exploitation did not exist. This is also the values and views I hold thus Bhagat Singh is my role model and inspiration. I would like to improve the lives of my people on both sides of the BORDER since some of the people who are dearest to me are from BOTH sides of the BORDER. THUS, I consider myself as a NEW AGE Revolutionary Freedom Fighter and MY FIGHT is AGAINST PEOPLE who DISRESPECTS WOMEN, people other religious backgrounds, different skin colors as them, ethnicity, LGBTI, and ETC. I AM SPIRITUAL AND NOT MUSLIM or ANYTHING ELSE I AM BASICALLY JUST A HUMAN.

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