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Education These Days

My Youngest Brother’s Opinion About My Education

Keep in mind back in the days it was books and these days it is Internet, Google, Wikipedia, Microsoft Office, and DEFINITELY NOT COPY AND PASTE 🙁 since then we would have gotten expelled from our University for plagiarizing in our work ;P please STOP EXAGGERATING to your MAXIMUM CAPACITY 😉 <3

elasticity and consumer choice theories

The elasticity and consumer choice theories do apply to the current coronavirus-impacted market for products. During this pandemic many people have lost their jobs thus income elasticity has been a major impact on people’s lives. Some people have not been able to afford medications which are hurting them badly due to the price elastic and/or price inelastic demand. People who desperately need the medication have to buy it regardless of what the price is of the medication since it is pivotal for some people to take certain medications to live due to life and death type of situations. Certain medications as well as other household items have largely increased in prices. Another example is some of the people who were eating organic foods before the pandemic hit have now gone down to eating nonorganic foods instead of organic foods. This behavior change can be measured by how certain stores have increased their prices. The utility of organic foods in my own personal life was pivotal but ever since the pandemic hit, I eat non-organic due to the increase in the cost of certain grocery items. This is an example, of marginal utility since organic foods have either increased in price or been completely sold out at certain stores.

My Experience With Menstural cup

For a long time, I was thinking to play my part in helping the environment which is day by day getting way too much polluted. It was not like that, that I was not helping in other ways to play my part to protect our earth, I do compost all vegetable peels, fruit peels, Eggshells, and other things which I don’t use go in my compost bin. I always recycle my glass materials, plastic materials. And now I want to pinch in some more to help Mother Earth. I heard about the menstrual cup in 2018.

I looked into it but didn’t find the courage to use it I was uncomfortable with this idea to put something inside my body I was scared to use it, what if it gets stuck inside? And there were so many questions arising in my mind what if something went wrong. I have never used tampons in my life so this cup was not giving me any good vibes to use it.

So, there was this fight in me that keeps on bugging me to give it a try, and then I thought let’s give it a try I watched so many video tutorials on how to use this cup. And then I bought the menstrual cup EEEEEEK.

I was still really skeptical about using it, but believe me, it was the best decision of my life to use it. I start using it in June 2020 and never went back to using pads again. Using menstrual cups, I feel liberated and happy both at the same time that I don’t have words to express.

Below I will state  all the benefits and some important things which I learn through my experience.

1. It is environmental friendly I cannot even stress on this point enough. One pad takes 500 to 800 years to decompose so now you do the math how many pads do we use each month.

2.It is cost-effective one menstrual cup will last you for 10 to 12 years and they cost around $30 to $50.

3. Its capacity is way more than a sanitary pad.

Once you get comfortable wearing it you will not even feel anything that’s how liberating the feel of wearing this cup is.

These cups should only be used by married ladies because you have to insert them inside your vagina so I will not recommend them for unmarried girls.

There are three sizes in the menstrual cup 0,1and 2. Size zero should be used if you have a c section or if you are newly married.

And sizes 1 and 2 can be used by ladies who have given birth naturally.

The biggest concern which I had was what if it leaks, but if the cup is inserted properly It will never leak because when we insert it inside this cup works on a suction principle. There is a learning curve once you get hold of it you will

Never look back.

How to take care of your menstrual cup:

Every month when your periods show up boil the cup in a pan for five minutes but don’t let it stand in the water with a clipper hold the cup because the silicon may get burn so be careful.

Then use the cup, insert cup properly inside vagina it should properly be inserted to have its benefit. In the beginning days empty it every 4 hours, and then when your flow is slow you can leave it for

Maximum 12 hours. When your periods end just clean it with rubbing alcohol and put it in the cloth bag and store it for the next month.

Hope my experience of using menstrual cup will help you in making a good and healthy choice.

Toilet Paper Sales During Covid 19

The toilet paper consumers and producers have been impacted heavily during the Covid19 pandemic and the lockdown. The stores are all mostly out of toilet papers since people are unnecessarily hoarding toilet papers. Thus, the demand for toilet has gone up way more than ever before. This type of behavior has to stop soon since it is to the level of insanity where there are not any toilet papers at the stores. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is less to do, and people are just developing selfish and obsessive behavioral patterns which really bothers me. The law of demand is the reason why there is not enough supply of toilet papers since there is only so much that producers can produce of toilet papers. The demand curve is that how much can anyone really go out of their way to pay for the toilet papers and I rather wait than pay more at any small store. Therefore, when I really need toilet paper and the stores do not have them, I have to wait a few weeks to have them be delivered to me when in the end I order them online.

I lamented the selfishness of my fellow human beings. It’s called egoism or self-interest, which is necessary for survival. Egoism is the opposite of altruism, which is the concern for others without regard to one’s self-interest. All humans and animals have the capacity for egoism and altruism. Thus, the egoism during this pandemic has brought upon toilet papers the price ceiling which just means that some people have charged beyond what a toilet paper is not even legally worth. The quantity demanded is how much a person can pay for toilet papers during any given period. This is why the income effect of a price change has been the reason why the human resources department has increased the real income amount of food stamps allowed to an individual – as well as the minimum wage has increased.

Special Feet

Beautiful Soul

This is the feet of one Man I can NEVER say NO too. He is very special to me and has always been very special to me. He has always looked up to me and admired me even before he knew what admiration was and before he knew my truth. Even after he found out about my TRUTH he still continued to admire me for my soul since he knows that whatever happened to my physical world never happened to my spiritual and soul world. He told me stories of him being bullied and I could always relate to him. Thus, I always knew what advice to provide him when he acted up even though sometimes the things he asks me to do are not really right. I have done his work for him and other things for him too but that is since he has never bullied me or disrespected me. His parents have definitely taught him well in his life.

Khatijah RA

The first wife of the Prophet of Islam

Saint Khatijah was the Mother of Fatima RA and the first wife of Prophet Mohammed Peace Be Upon Him. She was 15 years older than the Prophet of Islam and she had an AMAZING love story since the Prophet himself reacted like I am shocked why a Princess wanted to marry him. She ended up becoming his boss she was the CEO of the company he used to work for and he the trader who used travel to trade import and expert good. She supported him throughout her life and used to take food for him when he traveled to the Cave of Hira where angel Jibral (Gabriel) and she loved him so much that she actually sent a proposal to the Prophet Mohammed Peace Be Upon Him. She married him for his honesty and amazing character and not for his wealth and education. He was a man who had no education and he could not even read and write but he was still a very smart man. They were so deeply in love with each other and this is the kind of love I want in my life too. I want to live like Khatijah RA and be a mother of a daughter like Fatima RA and the wife of a man who can be honest and live a dignified. She also believed the Prophet when he first told her that he saw an angel and she told him God will never abandon you. The most beautiful thing to ever tell the one you love. She even took him to one of her cousins who was a priest in ordered to get him a confirmation that he was the last Prophet. She used to tell everyone he is the most truthful and no one is as truthful as him.  “لا إله إلا الله، محمدا رسول الله” LA ILAHA ILLALLAH, MUHAMMADAR RASULULLAH”,  “I bear witness that there is no deity but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

After she past away he still continued to love her and even though he re-married he still used to talk about her and cry for her. He loved her like words could even express and this is the kind of love I want in my life. He even used to talk to his wife Ayesha about Khatijah RA. Even Ayesha could not replace her love in the Prophet’s heart. She was always there to hold his hand and she was his backbone his pillar during hard times. Angel Gabriel sent the message to the Prophet to tell her that God has a Palace for Khatijah RA in Heaven. The greatest man and the greatest woman to ever live in this world no has never been like them after their time. 🙂 <3

Family of Mother Mary

Cute cartoon nun drawing set, smiling and praying. Simple vector illustration.
Stunning gold and blue tiles of Al Aqsa Mosque on Jerusalem Temple Mount
Jesus Christ himself said WORSHIP ONLY one God ALLAH/ELIOHIM 🙂 <3

Jesus Christ and his cousin son of Zechariah had to leave this world since the world was NOT ready to hear the TRUTH. John was beheaded since an EVIL PRINCESS wanted to marry her Biological Uncle which is forbidden. Thus, she got her uncle who was also her lover to behead John as her DOWRY she asked for the head of John. As well as, she ordered for Zechariah to be killed as well. THIS is the biggest CRIME I have personally EVER HEARD ABOUT. :'( <3


Gautama Buddha

The life of Siddhartha also known as Buddha for my understanding was very impressive. Every life starts out with love and ends out with love as Hermann Hesse mentioned in Siddhartha. Siddhartha was a humble down to earth man who felt the pain of others associated with him and even those not associated with him. Siddhartha was born to Queen Maya. She must have been a very pious woman since she had dreamt of a white elephant entering her womb. The elephant is the symbol of fertility in Hinduism and the color white is for purity. Hinduism was the religion of Queen Maya. Queen Maya’s dream meant that the baby was going to be very special, which he was true. When Siddhartha was born he emerged from the left side of his mother without causing her any pain and discomfort. He immediately took seven steps to the north and announced that this was his final incarnation. His mother died shortly afterward.

The river shows love in many ways through how Siddhartha and Govinda played with each other by the river as children. Children have their own games that are full of love and innocence. Most of Siddhartha’s journey of love and life is relevant to today’s society since the journey of love and life has always been the same throughout the ages. In the novel, love is used as a religious viewpoint, “Om is the bow, the arrow is the soul, Brahman is the arrow’s target. One should strike it without wavering”. Om is the bow, which means that God is full of love for his people. The arrow is the soul, which means that love is the essence of life all over the world. We need to do each other a big favor and that makes the world our target where we should spread love and not hate. One should strike it without wavering means we should not need anyone else to tell us to spread love all over the world, it should come from within us. Love is the biggest message Hermann Hesse is trying to spread throughout his novel Siddhartha.

When Siddhartha was twenty-nine years old he started to feel unsatisfied with his palace life as a prince. He had to convince his father to let him step out of the palace grounds due to his safety reasons. Love can be seen through how Siddhartha’s father needed convincing his father knew happiness comes from within and that it is not something we need to go out looking for. Siddhartha’s father knew that which is why he told him, “you will go off to the forest and become a sharmana if you find happiness in the forest, come back and teach me happiness. If it is the disappointment you find, then still come back and we shall again make sacrifices to gods together”. On the grounds outside of the palace, he came across the laymen and saw what people were going through in life. The palace life for Siddhartha as a young prince had turned into a very intoxicating life. He wanted to go out and explore the outside world on his own terms without being controlled by his kingdom. As we can see in today’s day and age it is common for young people to want to break away from their families and native cultural lifestyles.

Siddhartha’s great departure from started from him leaving his wife princess Yasodhara and his son Rahula behind when he left the palace for his inner peace. Some scholars also say that his son was born only sometime before he left home to achieve enlightenment. He wanted to obtain more knowledge about the world and people, which is why he left. He found a place away from his palace where he set down and did not even for a moment stop his meditation. This is where he entered into a deep state of meditation. I have had moments in my life where I just wanted to run away from where I am to find peace. I can relate to Siddhartha in many ways since I love teaching people everything I have learned myself. The way Siddhartha obtained enlightenment and meditated in his life was a very simple and peaceful way.

Siddhartha felt he could not pass his knowledge down to anyone even though he had a feeling that God wanted him to work for humanity in his life. Basically, his inner voice told him to help poor people around him. He decided to teach the five former ascetic associates. They first rejected his views, but soon after when they saw his level of enlightenment they decided to learn from him. This lesson is believed to contain the most fundamental teachings of Buddhism. Siddhartha had a hard time making people listen to his message of peace. Everyone who has something good to teach historical has been put down in the beginning.

<3 Affirmation of the Day: I am beautiful and enough as well as I am living a happy and blissful life and so it is. <3

<3 Meditation of Today: I asked my guides to give me a sign if what steps I am taking in life are going to be good for me and I could smell roses and a sweet smell around me. It is scary but true. Buddha meditated for a long time under a tree and even forgot to eat and came out in peace. <3

Tutoring Philosophy

I always start a tutoring “contract” with the students I’m tutoring where they choose the goal instead of me being the one deciding.  This ensures the student is invested in his or her own learning.  I don’t want it to be about my goal for the student but the student’s goal for him or herself.  Then I have the student sign it and I sign it.  That way we’re both invested in the outcome.

As tutoring progresses, I remind myself about the contract from time-to-time.  I even read it again just to keep it fresh.  Then I try to remain conscious of actually doing what I said I would do, for example, providing guidance on conceptualization, spelling and grammar, feedback, etc.

It is also helpful to review and modify things if one approach isn’t working.  I will ask the student, “What do you want me to do?”  “How can I best be off service to you?”  This way I am continually getting feedback on how I can best help the student achieve his or her academic goals.  I think of myself as an ally of the student because we really have to work together to achieve the desired result.

If you count the years I worked as an educational consultant I’ve really been tutoring for a lot longer than two years.  I’ve always worked in a helping profession one way or the other.  I’ve also taught as an Assistant Teacher and Substitute Assistant Teacher from pre-school age to 8th grade level, so I guess you could consider me a long-time tutor, just wearing different hats and having other titles.  It’s really about helping people, which is what I’ve always wanted to do.  It is gratifying to me and I enjoy seeing students fulfill their dreams.

Thank you,

Alia Khan

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